This online open house has closed for public feedback but you can still learn about the project and next steps.

Welcome to the online open house for the Allen Street Corridor Transportation Study.

The Allen Street Corridor Transportation Study is a collaboration with the City of Kelso and WSDOT to understand potential improvements to Allen Street that will improve safety and mobility. The study area included the segment of Allen Street between South 8th Avenue and North 17th Avenue, portions of Minor Road and South Kelso Drive, and the I-5 freeway ramps associated with these segments.

Image shows bird’s eye view of Allen St

Aerial view of Allen Street near South Kelso Drive.

The team performed an analysis on corridor design alternatives in the area, and asked the public for input on proposed design options.

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Project area

Graphic shows the study corridor spanning from South 8th Avenue to North 17th Avenue on Allen Street

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 Allen Street Transportation Study Area